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Sober Living Recovery Homes Near Me


Drug and alcohol rehab can be frustrating, as it takes years before one is truly free of the effects of addiction. Substance abuse can also take a heavy toll on both the mind and body. However, these effects can be minimized with the help of a medically supervised environment. If you’re an individual who has finally decided to reset your life and break free from substance abuse, rehab is the way to go. After undergoing a formal treatment program, minimizing the chances of relapse must be your utmost priority. That’s where sober living homes come in.

In addition to acting as a bridge between rehab and your everyday life, it also eases this transition. Sober living homes are able to accomplish this with continued support from a caring community. Not only does it serve as an in-between choice for individuals who have just finished a rehab program before heading back to their regular lifestyles, they can also protect the individual from the grip of drugs and alcohol as they hone their skills. In all, sober living homes are truly the perfect place to create coping mechanisms and healthy habits, as these lifestyle changes are sure to follow you in your new life.

Before selecting a sober living home, you’ll need to keep a couple of factors in mind. Nearly every state in the US offers options that vary based on several qualities. Make sure to choose one that’s near you if you wish to stick to your close ones. However, if you think your location serves as an addiction trigger, traveling to a home further away will help much more. Keep in mind that sober living homes promise you a peer-network of like-minded individuals who have gone through similar experiences. They share a common goal: that of abstinence and renewal. Here are some sober living homes in different regions of the US you should consider.

1 – Desert Hope Treatment Center, Las Vegas, NV

Desert Hope’s services are on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of cost, but their attention to quality is certainly impressive. They promise patients constant care, right from detox to outpatient treatment. Not to mention, Desert Hope is located in Las Vegas, which grants you the ability to explore numerous hiking tips. For example, you will be able to hike across the valleys of the Red Rock Canyon or the shores of Lake Mead. Equine therapy may also be offered, which includes involving oneself in activities that pertain to the caretaking of horses and other related tasks.

In the unfortunate event that disorders such as depression or PTSD show up as a result of substance abuse, proper medical treatment within Desert Hope ensures that these struggles are taken care of. Additionally, if you suffer from lung conditions, diabetes, or high blood pressure, fret not. Desert Hope carries the staff and expertise to consider these conditions as they prepare you for the new normal. Pregnant women can also rest assured that Desert Hope’s treatment center is up for the task. Accredited by The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care, Desert Hope is a professional sober living home ready to treat you with care and love.

2 – Recovery First Treatment Center, Hollywood, FL

Next up on our list is a center situated in the heart of Hollywood, Florida. Armed with an elaborate set of tools, Recovery First Treatment Center creates personalized plans and programs for patients. It also utilizes genetic testing to determine the right medications to tone down addiction, which boosts effectiveness while guaranteeing results. This testing goes hand-in-hand with individual and group therapy sessions, which are designed to not only kick off substance abuse, but to nurture a healthy mindset. Similar to Desert Hope, this center also treats co-occurring mental health disorders, as its team of experts is equipped to handle ailments such as PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Further, the prestigious Joint Commission also accredits Recovery First for behavioral health care. Equipped with top-notch and certified staff, ranging from psychiatrists to substance abuse counselors, Recovery First is able to offer its world-class services to individuals suffering from substance abuse. Not to mention, 40% of the staff are in recovery as well. This provision means that they understand what it takes to battle addiction and to come out victorious. Last but not least, the center offers gym visits that allow you keep yourselves healthy while establishing a daily fitness routine. With these factors in mind, Recovery First’s approach to healthcare is among the best in the field. It handily earns our recommendation.

3 – Oxford Treatment Center, Etta, MS

If you’re up for an escape to the woodlands of North Mississippi, the Oxford Treatment Center is perfect for you. Away from the bustle of town commute, it offers patients the right blend of the outdoors and the comforts that come with modern living. Oxford Treatment Center promises a holistic environment to help individuals focus on their treatment and to break free from the addictions that hold them back. Besides, a personal plan lets individuals meet therapists several times a week for regular sessions and check-ups. Additionally, if things are progressing successfully at a level where you can head back into the rigors of daily life, they also offer a Partial Hospitalization Program.

This program specifies a minimum amount of treatment hours in addition to constant supervision. To add, this protocol allows you to experience life closer to the one you will enter as you free yourself from the shackles of substance abuse and other mental health disorders. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, the Oxford Treatment Center provides an impressive level of care.

Other Sober Living Homes In The US

If you live elsewhere in the US, fret not; the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) has you covered. By visiting its comprehensive website, you will be able to learn more about sober living homes near your locality. Some other homes in the US that you should seriously consider are the Laguna Treatment Hospital in California, the Greenhouse Treatment Center in Texas, and the Sunrise House Treatment Center in New Jersey.


If you’re looking for a sober living home and a community that fosters both growth and progress, these homes are hard to beat. They don’t compromise on any aspect of healthcare. This professionalism ensures that your environment is one that promotes growth while being free from temptation. If you suffer from substance abuse or have recently undergone rehab, these choices will be a stepping stone to a healthy life. Find the right sober living recovery home today!


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