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5 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Sober Living Home


A sober living home serves as a platform for those battling drug addiction. A haven where they can find their feet on the long path to recovery, a sober living home is essentially a safe environment with like-minded individuals in addition to a bubble that aims to make the recovery process as simple as possible. While choosing the right sober living home for your needs, it is crucial to understand which home is right for you. Each home varies from location to location, and some may better suit your needs than other homes. Besides, the cost of a home is often determined by the points of interest around it. It also depends on the services they provide to patients, from the beginning until they day you are ready to leave the facility.

The following are questions you should raise before making your final decision. These will help you establish a better fit with the sober living home you choose. Not all homes fit the same criteria, so make sure you do your research before finalizing your decision.

1 – What Services Does The Sober Living Home Offer?

Not every sober living home offers treatment. Some might not even be situated near medical centers. However, other homes often have a team of addiction treatment experts ready to assist you. Keep that in mind as you look into the services offered by sober living homes. In all, there are a variety of services that you should be looking for, based on the severity of your addiction, as these services could prove vital in boosting your recovery process. For example, peer counseling and educational groups can help you develop useful skills before you head back into the real world.

2 – How Much Does It Cost?

Cost plays a crucial role when it comes to deciding in which sober living home you should live in. Usually, it boils down to the kinds of services you can avail of at the location. Exotic locales and luxurious neighborhoods could mean a spike in cost, but at the same time, these homes could offer additional benefits in terms of security and places to visit. It also helps if you also look into unique forms of recreational activities that serve as therapeutic aids. For instance, equine therapy is a treatment method that might not be readily available at every sober living home, however remember that these types of therapies are not cheap.

3 – What Is Your Staff To Patient Ratio?

While staff members’ qualifications are important, this ratio determines the amount of care each individual will receive. If it is lower than you’d like, you might have to look for alternatives. And when you’re paying an organization to do just that, it’s better to find a sober living home that is adequately equipped with staff members that can treat all patients. In the event of a disagreement or an issue between patients, it’s always best to have staff members on hand to sort them out.

4 – Have Established Organizations Accredited The Sober Living Home?

Accreditation ensures that the sober living home you intend to live in has been thoroughly checked with a rigid checklist of features to fit national standards. Bodies such as the National Alliance for Recovery Residences, maintain these national standards across the country. Additionally, certification from state bodies such as Florida’s Alliance for Recovery Residences are also a testament to the prowess of the sober living home. Their standards ensure that you get to recover within a facility with all the boxes ticked to ensure absolute quality.

5 – How Long Can I Stay?

Not every sober living home lets you stay for as long as you’d like. Some homes place a tight restriction on the duration of your stay. Keep this in mind as you select a home. Depending on your addiction’s nature and severity, homes that are flexible might be a better bet for your health. Stick to the rules, and most homes should have no problem with extending your stay.


Overall, it is best to keep these questions in mind as you begin your hunt for the right sober living home. A quality home, complete with a fostering community and state-of-the-art facilities will help you recover, and remember, while some premium homes may offer more features than affordable ones at a greater cost, it may very well be worth the extra cost. Kick-start your recovery process from rehab and find the right home today!


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