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What To Look For In A Quality Sober Living Home

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A sober living home acts as a stepping stone from rehab to total recovery. Primarily designed to help individuals cope with the temptation of relapse, sober homes protect you from this tendency by offering therapy sessions as well as a fostering community of like-minded people who understand your frustration. Considering most of these patients have experienced addiction first-hand, you will be able to help them understand your troubles and alleviate theirs accordingly. However, there’s more to a sober living home than just therapy.

Stepping into the real world after extensive therapy can be quite daunting. Because of this, sober living homes are dedicated to providing a haven that assists you in becoming accustomed to healthy habits and routines, before making that final transition. Additionally, a multitude of skills can be developed here as well. Even with these factors, picking a sober living home among dozens of well-equipped ones can still be confusing. Thus, make sure to keep the following factors in mind as you pick the perfect sober living home for you.

1 – Cost Of The Sober Living Home

While you can pick an affordable sober living home, choosing a suitable home that is a tad bit costlier can make your life more comfortable, as these homes occasionally include all the right amenities that can help you prepare better for seamless integration into your regular life. The cost of a home can also vary drastically, based on some crucial factors. We highly recommend focusing more on these factors to have a smooth-sailing experience while staying within a sober living home. At the end of the day, cutting costs shouldn’t be your primary concern if you’re trying to recover from drug addiction.

We suggest visiting several homes before picking the right one. Here are some factors that may determine the cost of a sober living home:

● Location of the home in the US

● Type of neighborhood it is situated in

● Quality of the sober living home

● Services provided at the sober living home

● Amenities offered

● Structure and duration of the services

2 – Location Of The Sober Living Home

The location of a high-quality sober home is of prime importance for a variety of reasons. Not only is neatness a factor that must be upheld at all costs, but living in a neighborhood that allows you to maintain a smooth routine will also help keep your addiction woes at bay. Additionally, convenience depends on how you think of the home. Would a home closer to your family be more convenient? Or is your locality an addiction trigger?

Here are examples of activities that must be accessible when choosing a sober living home:

● A warm community of people who have gone through similar struggles

● A strong support network of medical staff and rehabilitated individuals

● Therapy sessions, be it for addiction or other co-occurring disorders

● A gym or a park where one can work out, or go for a stroll

● Other places of interest based on your preferences

● Exotic hiking spots aren’t a necessity, but they will help keep your mind at ease

3 – Proximity To Excursions And Therapy

Trips and fun excursions will also help you escape from mundane routines. While choosing a somewhat exotic location may drive up price points, the sights and experiences might be worth the cost of admission. Besides, staying in a city or town in proximity to the therapists you’ll meet is a bonus. Not only does it cut down on the time that you’d spend in traffic or on a long windy walk, but you will have access to therapy that can come in multiple forms. Some are determined by the location as well. For instance, consider Equine Therapy. This type of therapy allows you to interact with horses as they go about their lives; this has been proven to offer benefits to the mind. Just keep in mind that not every sober living home presents this opportunity to you. Choose the right home based on what you might need to encourage a healthier mindset and lifestyle.

4 – Duration Of Stay

The time you’ll spend at a sober living home depends on how long you’ll need to recover. While some homes will let you stay for as long as you would like, others might have strict restrictions on how long you’re allowed to stay. Additionally, some homes consistently check on you to determine progress, while also maintaining attentive staff that could further boost your recovery. At the end of the day, selecting a sober living home that is flexible with the duration of your stay is a great bet. As you never know how long treatment may take for you to recover from addiction disorders, this uncertainty means it’s better to be on the safe side.

5 – Zero-Tolerance Policy For Drugs And Alcohol

What separates the facilities of a sober living home from a hotel with medical facilities nearby: a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. When it comes to enforcing this policy, vigilance is of utmost importance in a locality that consists of recovering patients. Incidents that go against the norm might incite others to follow. Additionally, this may hamper the progress of your recovery. If someone manages to smuggle substances inside the home’s premises, there must be measures to ensure that violators are penalized and removed. This supervision ensures that the punishment is just while ensuring that the rest of the patients recover without incident. Don’t worry however, as most homes carry policies to curb such a nuisance.

6 – A Welcoming Community

The residents in your sober living establishment may vary based on the location, but often derive from diverse backgrounds. Considering addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, irrespective of age or occupation, it is always recommended to learn more about the community you will be living with, as this can make a significant difference. Some homes may be gender-specific, while others support alternative lifestyles, and provide support to LGBTQ communities. Other homes are also equipped with medical staff to deal with co-occurring disorders. By taking a tour of multiple homes, this might help you narrow down your choices, concerning the community that lives in them. Remember that all promise one thing: a sober living environment to thrive.

7 – Accreditation By Established Agencies

If a home is recognized by an established organization, that devotes time to check every nook and corner of a sober living home, it is undoubtedly worth your time. These organizations work with a tight checklist of features and metrics that determine the difference between an excellent sober living home and a great one. For example, the National Alliance for Recovery Residences sets national standards that can make your decision a whole lot easier. Other organizations such as The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care work on the same task – ensuring that addiction treatment standards are met or surpassed.


Altogether, it is highly suggested to keep these factors in mind as you begin your search for a sober living home. While the process of choosing an affordable home might seem like a good idea, the additional benefits that come with costlier alternatives might be worth the investment. In the end, it’s about your health, and health isn’t something one must compromise on. A caring community and the right set of medical amenities can help quicken the recovery process. Local vistas and other picturesque locations can also further improve your state of mind. Finally, if an established organization commends a home’s efforts, you can be sure of its adherence to rules and its emphasis on quality.

Choosing the right home can mean the difference between successful treatment and relapse. A regulated environment and well-planned dietary regiment, along with a structured daily routine, will instill good discipline that will become a habit when practiced daily. So with these metrics in mind, select the right sober living home today!


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