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Terms of Use

Taste Recovery operates this website with the intent of providing useful information to its visitors.  By accessing the information contained in this site, visitors expressly acknowledge, and agree to, the terms provided below.

1. No Medical Advice.

‍This site is solely intended to provide information.  Although we hope the information is useful, it should not be relied upon as medical advice.  We believe that all medical decisions should be made in consultation with a physician or qualified healthcare professional. THIS WEBSITE SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR DIAGNOSTIC OR TREATMENT PURPOSES.

2. No Affiliation.

‍This site provides information pertaining to sober living homes.  Taste Recovery does not have any interest, financial or otherwise, in any of the homes listed on this site.  Nothing contained on this site should be construed as any type of warranty, or assurance as to the quality of service or care provided by any of the homes.

3. No Patient Brokering.

Unfortunately the recovery industry has been plagued by individuals and companies “selling” referrals to those willing to buy them.  This is both illegal and counter-productive to treatment itself.  Taste Recovery does not receive any compensation, of any kind, from any sober living home in exchange for referred individuals.

4. Third Party Content.

Information contained on this site may be created by third parties, including, but not limited to, the sober living homes that are listed.  Some third parties may also have links on this site that take the user to another site.  Taste Recovery is not responsible for this content or links and makes no representation as to its accuracy, or reliability.

5. Use Of User Generated Content.

Taste Recovery may use, and repurpose, content created by users of this site.  This may be in the form of advertisements, such as testimonials, or to enrich the experience of other users, such as chat rooms.  Users that share, post or make available content on this site agree to provide Taste Recovery with a license and unrestricted right to use this user-created content.

6. Privacy.

Taste Recovery respects the privacy rights of users of this site.  Taste Recovery will not provide information it deems confidential to any third party without the express permission and consent of users.  This shall not include any postings made by users on this site, which shall be considered permissive use pursuant to these terms.

7. Unauthorized Use.

All users of this site agree to only use it the content for its intended purpose. 

Following is a non-exhaustive list of prohibited uses:

a) Post or upload any defamatory content;

b) Solicit any users or third-parties for any business purpose without their express authorization;

c) Attempt to “hack” or in any way obtain information contained on this website through the use of deceptive practices.

d) Commit any act of fraud, including impersonating another individual; 

e) Copy any of the content on this website for any commercial purpose.

8. Modification Of Content.

Taste Recovery reserves the right to modify or remove any of the content contained on the website for any purpose.  This right does not create a duty or obligation on the part of Taste Recovery to monitor or approve any of the user-created content.  All users expressly hold Sober Step harmless from any information that is inaccurate or harmful in any way.

9. Jurisdiction and Venue.

Taste Recovery, the operator of this website, is located in Los Angeles County, California.  Any claim brought against Taste Recovery, including a claim related to the content of this website, shall be brought in the Superior Court of California, county of Los Angeles.  The Court shall enforce the laws of the state of California.  In the event a claim is brought, the prevailing party shall be entitled to legal fees and costs, provided the prevailing party first attempted in good faith to mediate the dispute through the use of a third party mediator.

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